Flam Gas InterCert S.r.l.

With the joining of Flam Gas InterCert S.r.l. in March 2021, MTIC Group continues to grow apace.

Flam Gas InterCert Srl was founded in Fiume Veneto (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy) in 1991 to provide services in testing and certification for the Appliances burning gaseous fuels.

Owing to the accreditation against EN ISO/IEC 17065 by the Italian Accreditation Body (Accredia) and the notification by the European commission for the Regulation (EU) 2016/426, Flam Gas InterCert Srl is a globally well-known test laboratory and certification body for the appliances burning gaseous fuels.


Flam Gas InterCert S.r.l. is a test laboratory and certification body operating in the field of compulsory and voluntary certification of products.

Voluntary activities can be carried out in the field either accredited or non-accredited with the customer's consent.

Mandatory activities are carried out in the accredited field and with the approval of the competent authority, regarding the EU product directives.


The body shall perform the tasks entrusted to it in an independent and impartial manner, for the benefit of society and the global economy. Each activity is managed with the same procedures both nationally and internationally.

Flam Gas InterCert S.r.l. is aware of the importance of impartiality in the performance of its certification activities, manages the risks to its impartiality and ensures the objectivity of all its testing and certification activities.



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Via Mazzini, 81/b - 33080 Fiume Veneto (PN) ITALY
t. +39 0434 561343  - f. +39 0434 561343 
VAT no. IT01191830932