Thank you, Mrs. Claudia Vecchione.

MTIC InterCert would like to communicate with great respect and gratitude, after 19 years of extraordinary dedication, the termination of the collaboration with Mrs. Vecchione.

During these years of her professional journey spent at our side, Mrs. Vecchione has demonstrated and acquired technical skills, unconditional loyalty, and unparalleled passion. Her commitment has had a significant impact on our successes and contributed significantly to the professional growth of each colleague, as with her calm character and empathy she has shaped the soft skills of her colleagues, creating a solid foundation on which the company has based the development of each new project.

The present thought, therefore, to express colleagues' appreciation for her years of dedicated service and wish her the best of success in her future professional challenges.

Lastly, President & CEO Eng. Feridoon Sergizzarea would like to personally express his gratitude for the invaluable collaboration of Mrs. Vecchione, who has contributed remarkably to securing suppliers and customers for MTIC InterCert that twenty years ago would have been difficult to convince for a start-up company. Setting the goal, charting the course, and taking off-this is the boldness that Mrs. Vecchione has left in our company.

In addition, she quickly realized that the company's expansion would need her to structure HR-related processes as they were critical to success. In fact, under her leadership the company has grown to form a team that has grown to include 50 people in Italy.

Her success-oriented approach to negotiations and her openness to new ideas will, therefore, remain in our company as a future-oriented mindset.

Looking back on 19 years of close collaboration with Mrs. Vecchione, one word comes to mind that has been more often thought than spoken: Thank you! Thank you Mrs. Vecchione for almost 19 years of loyalty and commitment. Thank you for 19 years as a good role model, reliable colleague and valued employee.

We all would be delighted if you could find the time to share your experiences with us.

And now we want to greet you and wish you, the best for the future in your new roles in the service of public administration.


Dipl.- Ing. Feridoon Sergizzarea

President & CEO

MTIC InterCert S.r.l