MTIC Group | History of Quality, Experience and Success

MTIC Group was born from the heritage of experience, quality and success: our history, is based on four great Certification Bodies such as InterCert GmbH - Group of MTIC -, MTIC InterCert S.r.l. , SPS InterCert S.A. and MTIC ACADEMY Saglinternationally known in the fields of Testing, Inspection, Certification and Training.

In order to constantly improve services’ quality of our Group, important investments have been made which have guaranteed the expansion of our portfolio, thus allowing the development and innovation of our activities:


Management System, Testing, Inspection and Certification - MTIC


With the closer integration and cooperation with the swiss Group Member and Group Headquarters, MTIC SWISS S.A, the new structure expresses its know-how and expertise, which have always distinguished the members of our Group.

MTIC Group, owing to the partnership between InterCert GmbH - Group of MTIC -, MTIC InterCert S.r.l., SPS InterCert S.A.MTIC ACADEMY Sagl, who are active Certification Bodies with their own accreditations and notifications at national and international level, can be considered one of the few Global Players in the Management Systems, Product, Testing, Certification, Inspection and Training.


As MTIC Group, we guarantee to our Customers and Partners the possibility to choose among a wide range of services offering a professional and structured ad hoc service.


MTIC Group at a Glance