Playgrounding Areas

Playgrounds are defined as all those equipped spaces, intended for the playful activity of children and young people. Every year, there are many accidents during the use of these spaces. The causes can be attributed, on the one hand, to the instinct of discovery and challenge that characterizes the psychomotor development of children and, on the other hand, to the presence of equipment lacking in safety precautions and protections or not adequately subjected to checks and maintenance. In fact, there is an obligation for manufacturers to place only safe products on the market (Legislative Decree no. 172 of 21 May 2004 and Directive 2001/95/EC - General Product Safety Directive), i.e. products that do not present risks or at least reduce them to a minimum.

MTIC Group guarantees full compliance with standard EN 1176:2016 regarding safety in the design, manufacturing and inspection phases.

The application of the MTIC Quality Mark on the product has always been synonymous with safety, professionalism and third parties thanks to controls by qualified professionals, thus guaranteeing greater reliability compared to self-certifications.


Step 1: WITNESS TEST on-site (at the manufacturer's site)

The activity includes, with a test of the game or the play area, the issue of a TEST REPORT or a certificate of conformity. Among the tests that may be conducted:

  • Trapping tests
  • Tests under conditions of incorrect use of the product
  • Tests of stability or structural integrity
  • HIC measurement for shock-absorbing surfaces
  • Load tests
  • Material analysis
  • Falling spaces
  • Free spaces

Technical analysis of the construction characteristics and other elements such as:


  • Technical file
  • Technical drawings

Analysis of the documentation accompanying the product:

  • Evaluation of use and maintenance manuals
  • Documentation relating to the assembly / installation of the product

Step 3: FACTORY INSPECTION (at the manufacturer's site)

Evaluation of the production system and of the company's ability to give repeatability to mass production with respect to the sample being tested.


Issue of the final report and certification with the possibility of using the MTIC Quality Mark.

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