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Thermo-technical analysis

Within the large MTIC Group, there is a laboratory aimed at analysing the problems of heat transmission, energy and development of renewable sources:

  • measurements of the thermal conductivity of homogeneous materials, according to UNI EN 12667, with the method of hot plate with guard ring;
  • measurements of the thermal resistance of materials and components using the hot chamber method (UNI EN ISO 12567-1, UNI EN 1934 and UNI EN 12412-2);
  • measurements of thermal transmittance with thermo-flowmeter (ISO 9869);
  • determination of the thermal performance of windows, doors and shutters (UNI EN ISO 10077 parts 1 and 2);
  • thermographic inspections of the building envelope for energy diagnostics (UNI 13187);
  • simulations of the energy characteristics of buildings in summer and winter conditions with stationary and dynamic calculation codes (UNI TS 11300);
  • UV/VIS/NIR spectrophotometric measurements (UNI EN 410:2011) for the evaluation of the optical properties of materials;
  • surface emissivity measurements with hemissometer and Solar Reflectance Index determinations, as defined by LEED certification (ASTM C1371, ASTM E903 and ASTM E1980).

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