Geotechnical Tests

Within the large organisation of MTIC Group, there is a geotechnical laboratory where the dynamics of soils and rocks and their application to engineering works are studied, through the use of all the equipments set out in circular 7618/STC of 08 September 2010 "Execution and certification of tests on soils and rocks".

The main geotechnical tests carried out in our MTIC InterCert laboratory can be divided into the following test areas:

Geotechnical tests

Particle size analysis, Atterberg limits, AASHTO compaction test, CBR bearing capacity index, shear tests, triaxial tests, edometric tests, permeability tests.

On-site tests

Plate-load tests carried out using test methods in accordance with Italian, Swiss and German standards, Density calculation, Calculation of the load-bearing capacity index – CBR, Load tests on poles, Removal of materials by core drilling


Particle size analysis, sand equivalent, shape and flattening index, shell content, methylene blue test, Micro-Deval wear resistance, Los Angeles fragmentation resistance, density and absorption, smoothness and abrasion test, potential reactivity to alkalis, petrographic analysis.

Tests on soils and rocks

Laboratory is authorized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to carry out tests and certify the soil and rock - sector A - Circular 7618/STC -.

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