Gas appliances | EU Regulation 2016/426

EU Regulation 2016/426 requires compliance with the essential safety requirements of appliances for cooking, heating, hot water production, cooling, lighting and washing, which burn gaseous fuels and have a normal water temperature, on use, not exceeding 105 °. The Directive also covers forced draught burners and heat exchangers intended to be fitted with such burners. The Directive also covers safety, control and regulation devices and subassemblies intended for separate marketing.

In particular, equipment and devices falling within the scope of Regulation (EU) 2016/426 must be placed on the European market before being placed on the market:

  • Demonstrate compliance with the essential safety requirements set out in the Directive
  • Demonstrate that they are controlled by a notified body which attests to their conformity and supervises their production, carrying the CE marking followed by the identification number of the notified body.

It is the responsability of the manufacturer to demonstrate what is required by the directives by contacting a Notified Body, both for the type examaniation and for the production control according to the modules indicated and chosen. 

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