New EMC Laboratory

The new EMC laboratory of MTIC is at your service in Rho, Milano.

The new EMC laboratory of MTIC is at your service in Rho, Milano.

To expand our testing capabilities for a wider range of services and to provide the best services to our customers, MTIC always invests in the best way possible.

At MTIC, we believe in the importance of providing the highest quality services to our customers and to do so, with the leadership of President & CEO, Ing. Feridoon Sergizzarea, we have created new service areas and new laboratories and we will continue in this way as well.

One of the new achievements in the year 2023 is our new EMC laboratory which meets all regulatory requirements and is fully operational, in Milan, Italy, owing to our team of experts who have been working hard to make it real.

We understand that EMC testing is a critical step in bringing your electronic, electro-medical and radio products to market, and our new laboratory will help ensure that you have access to the best testing services possible.

Today MTIC is well known by the customers as a synonymous for CE marking owing to its recognition by the EU as one of the first Notified Bodies with the number CE 0068 for several directives. It is also one of the best knows, accredited bodies for the certification and inspection of personnel, products, and management systems, as well as the test laboratories.

We would like to share our deepest appreciations with you for your continued trust in our services. We’d be pleased to have your cooperation, here, too!

You can find the detailed scope of the accreditations, notifications and recognitions here: