MTIC INTERCERT S.r.l & INTERCERT Italia S.r.l. finally together!

After years of fruitful commercial sharing, the MTIC Group's philosophy, the Rho (MI) and Reggio Emilia (RE) offices have finally merged into a single structure, which has opened a new era of MTIC INTERCERT S.r.l..

This union was strongly intended with the objective of renewing and developing activities in the fields of Management System, Testing, Inspection and Certification, and with the intention to unite two increasingly complementary companies under a single Management.

The fifty years of experience of MTIC InterCert S.r.l. in the Testing, Inspection and Certificationsectors merges with the dynamism and know-how of INTERCERT Italia S.r.l., to create a new structure to manage the new market challenges with professionalism, competence, and efficiency.

Through the Management strategy, the new MTIC INTERCERT S.r.l. will significantly expand its portfolio, to provide its customers with increasingly integrated and industry-specific services.

To combine the Accreditations under the MTIC InterCert S.r.l. umbrella with the several Notifications with the number CE 0068, will raise all services to a higher national and international level, thereby providing a new image on the market.

We would like to offer deepest appreciation to all our customers, partners, and colleagues, for supporting our Company on keeping on growing and conquering new goals.