Nowruz is an ancestral festivity marking the first day of spring and the renewal of nature which is one of humanity's oldest holidays. Nowruz brings colour and celebration mood for everyone as it is very secular in nature.

Nowruz brings colour and festivity to everyone as it is a festival that has always been held.

One thing that all regions have in common during the Nowruz festival is the Nowruz table. The table consists of an arrangement of seven symbolic items that have names starting with the letter “Sīn” in the Farsi alphabets. Items could include Seeb (apple), Sabzeh (grass bowl), Sir (garlic), Samanu (sweet wheat pudding), Senjed (dried oleaster wild olive fruit), Sekeh (coin), and Serekh (Vinegar).

Seeb Apple is used as a symbol for creation energy and beauty. Sabzeh Grass bowl is used as rebirth and new beginnings. Samanu Sweet wheat pudding is used as a symbol for affluence. Senjed Dried oleaster wild olive fruit symbolizes love, while Sir garlic is a symbol of health. Vinegar Serekh reminds us of elder wisdom and patience and last but not least, Sekeh coin brings forth the symbol for the abundance of resources in the upcoming year.

We are pleased to take this opportunity and share our warmest wishes for the Nowruz.

May bravery and wisdom always be with you like they did in previous years. May we flourish in every way.

May this year bring new joy, new objectives, new accomplishments, and a lot of new motivations on your lives.

Wishing each day of the new year to be loaded up with progress, joy and thriving for you and your families.

Nowruz Mubarak!!