Flam Gas InterCert Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

A milestone is fast approaching for Flam Gas InterCert (FGI) as it announces its 30th anniversary as a leading accredited test laboratory and notified body.

Flam Gas InterCert started its activities in April 1991 as an accredited Laboratory and notified body that carries out tests of gas-fired appliances.

Owing to its accreditation and notification (NB 0705) by the EU commission, Flam Gas InterCert provides testing and certification services accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/426 Appliances burning gaseous fuels.

At Flam Gas InterCert, we can carry out test and certification of gas appliances and fitings.

Owing to the close cooperation with international organizations, Flam Gas InterCert can provide its services globally.

Today Flam Gas InterCert is an Accredited and Notified Body for the appliances burning gaseous fuels for several product and product families.

On 31st March 2021, Flam Gas InterCert joined the family of MTIC Group with its 30 years of experience and wisdom on testing.

Throughout its history Flam Gas InterCert has gained an outstanding reputation in the world of testing, certification, and inspection, thanks to its undisputable professionalism and continues to work harder every day to keep its modest promise to its customers for dedication of its associates and its culture of customer service that exists throughout the entire organization.

We thank our customers, partners and staff who have been with us and guided us through this path.


Flam Gas InterCert

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