CIVIL DEFENCE UAE authorisation

Construction products intended to be placed on the UAE market must be tested by a testing laboratory and have a certificate issued by a certification and testing body recognized by the "United Arab Emirates - Ministry of Interior - Civil Defense G.H.Q Fire International Labs & House of Expertise & Training Center Approval Committee". With this premise in mind, we would like to announce that we have successfully completed the recognition process of MTIC INTERCERT Srl as a qualified Laboratory and Certification Body to carry out conformity checks on construction products for export to the UAE.

Following the list of products we can verify and certify:

  • Input / Output devices
  • Aspirating smoke detectors
  • Alarm transmission and fault warning routing equipment
  • Components of voice alarm systems – Loudspeakers
  • Requirements and test methods for electrical automatic control and delay devices
  • Control and indicating equipments
  • Fire alarm device – Sounders
  • Power supply equipment
  • Heat detectors – Point detectors
  • Smoke detectors – Point detectors using scattered light, transmitted light or ionization
  • Flame detectors – Point detectors
  • Manual call points
  • Smoke detectors – line detectors using an optical light beam
  • Voice alarm control and indicating equipment
  • Short-circuit isolators