Certification of Pet Toys

Our 4-legged friends are like our children, and we must be careful of what they put in their mouths, what they play with, and there are many different types of toys: for dogs, for cats, different sizes, shapes, and materials.

It is also very common for children to use their animal friend's toys to play alone and with them, with all the consequences and risks involved.

But which is the most suitable toy for our 4-legged friends?

That is why it is also important to check toys intended for our animal friends.

To date, there is no legislation, regulating the sector and the products such as toys, clothing, kennels or even devices for caring for pets.

Safety in everything that surrounds children therefore both from a physical and chemical point of view, thus it is important to check, for example, whether any pieces resulting from the breakage of the toy could be large enough to be swallowed by the child and the animal during play.

MTIC InterCert is Notified Body nr. CE 0068 since 1991 for conformity assessment according to Article 20 of Directive 2009/48/EC or EC Type-Examination for toys.

As a notified body with the experience of +50 years, we can check the safety of toys for the children.

For further information and to ask a quote, please visit our home page: https://www.mtic-group.org/certification/european-directives-and-regulations/toys