Environmental | ISO 14001

Organizations are increasingly interested in implementing and demonstrating, throught the application of strict environmental policies, the strong control that their activities, products and services have over the environment

This is because strict legislation, the development of ecomic policy and other measures promoting environmental protection clearly express the concepts according to which companies should behave with regard to environmental protection and sustainable development. 

Many organizations are required to carry out in-depth audits of their environmental perfomance, but these may not be sufficient to demonstrate full compliance with the requirements of the standard and their internal policies. 

To be effective, these audits must be carried out within the framework of a structrued Management System that is already integrated into the company. 

The international standard regarding Environmental Management have therefore the scope of providing organizations with elements to develop a Management System, which is appropriate to the achievement of their environmental objectives and, at the same time, can be integrated with other Management System in the company (eg; ISO 9001, ISO 45001...) 

In particular, the ISO 14001 standard specifies the requirements for an Environmental Management System that allows organizations to develop and implement a performance improvement policy and objectives in full compliance with legal requirements on environmental protection. 

Throught certification by an independent third-party body, the company provides credibility of its commitments to its customers and stakeholders. 

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