MTIC Academy | IN-HOUSE courses

MTIC Academy | IN-HOUSE courses

MTIC Academy designs courses dedicated to the training needs of companies. The added value of the training carried out at the customer's premises consists in the creation of "tailor-made" training courses, based on specific needs, in order to increase the technical and managerial skills of the various professional figures working in the company and to guarantee an important orientation towards results.

Our IN-HOUSE courses are characterized by:

  • quality and authoritativeness of the teaching staff and teaching material;
  • interactive methodologies that integrate cutting-edge technologies and multimedia services;
  • problem solving approach with exercises and testimonials;
  • action learning oriented methods;
  • classroom experiences and debates.

The contents of the programmes are approached from the perspective of their application to real problems: to this end, the lessons are complemented by practical, individual and group exercises, case development and discussion.

The cases can be built ad hoc and the exercises related to corporate issues to be analyzed in groups with the assistance of a teacher.


For any requests, please contact us at the following references:


telephone: +39 0522 409611