Lifts and components Directive 2014/33/EU and DPR 162

The Lift and Component Directive 2014/33/UE requires that before being placed on the market each lift and safety component is constructed, installed and tested by implementing one of the procedures set out in the various annexes to the Directive. The installer, who is responsible for the design, manufacture, installation and marketing of the lift, shall draw up the declaration of conformity in accordance with the requirements set out in the relevant annex and keep a copy of it for a period of 10 years from the date on which the lift is placed on the market.

The CE marking must be affixed clearly and visibly to each lift car and safety component. Conformity assessment procedures shall be carried out by bodies authorised and notified by the European Community which are deemed to meet the minimum requirements set out in the Directive. As regards the Lift Directive, the owner of the building or his legal representative is also required to have regular maintenance work carried out on the system installed there, as well as to have it periodically checked every two years.

The two-yearly periodic inspection is also carried out, by technicians with degrees in engineering, by the certification bodies notified for conformity assessments as per annex VI or X among the various annexes indicated in the directive.



Ascensori | DPR 462

Gli ascensori devono essere controllati regolarmente. Secondo il DPR 162/99 il proprietario dello stabile o il suo legale rappresentante, sono tenuti a far effettuare regolare manutenzione degli ascensori nonché a sottoporre gli stessi a verifica periodica. Inoltre, il DPR 214/10 ha esteso tale obbligo anche alle piattaforme elevatrici e ai montascale.

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